4 solutions to every
bread slicing challenge

Artificial intelligence might be the greatest thing since sliced bread, yet wholesale bakeries still need reliable equipment to slice bread fast and precisely. Not every loaf is similar — but there’s an Ipeka Masterslicer for every one of them.

Ipeka Masterslicer E

1.Basic model

Masterslicer E

Standard bread slicer

Efficient bread slicer machine with basic functionality. Masterslicer E is a perfect entry-level industrial device, that is equipped with powered infeed and outfeed conveyors for continuous slicing. Masterslicer E is a trustworthy and reliable piece of machinery, capable of delivering outstanding and smooth performance through constant use.

Efficient band slicer
at affordable price

Powered infeed
and outfeed conveyors

touch screen interface

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Ipeka Masterslicer 1W

2.Popular model

Masterslicer 1W

Slicer for various bread types

The most sold model in our range of slicers. Masterslicer 1W — is a versatile, high-performance bread slicing machine ready to handle every modern-day bakery tempo. It is designed to withstand heavy industrial use and is suitable for both white and whole grain breads. This bread slicer machine can be equipped with automatic blade oiling system to enable smooth operation with all bread types. It is a durable piece of equipment and is easy to maintain and service. Masterslicer 1W has demonstrated to be a proven choice for a great number of our satisfied customers all across the globe.

High performance
industrial band slicer

Handles up to 70 bread loaves per minute

Advanced infeed
and outfeed conveyors

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Ipeka Masterslicer 1A

3.Universal model

Masterslicer 1A

Bread slicer with adjustable slice thickness

A high performance industrial band blade bread slicer machine with an ability to seamlessly vary slice thickness, yet make slices just as accurate as with a fixed thickness lattice. Unique technology used in Masterslicer 1A allows altering blade distance in 10–15 mm or 11–16.5 mm range (for example), and can handle bread loaves of all types and consistencies. Slice thickness is selected from the touch screen and the whole function is fully automatic, including load sensor controlled blade tensioning. It is true to say that Masterslicer 1A is beneficial for any modern bakery where speed and flexibility are of a priority.

slice thickness change

Slice ranges:
10–15 mm,
11–16.5 mm,
12–18 mm,
14–22 mm

Firm blade support,
handles all bread types

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Ipeka Masterslicer 2R

4.High performance model

Masterslicer 2R

Slicer for extra heavy bread

Sturdy, heavy-duty industrial bread slicer, suitable for all sorts of bread, including hard-crust, thick rye bread, and other particularly demanding products like gluten-free bread. We have put in the effort to design this robust piece of hardware, and as a result Masterslicer 2R without a doubt has proven to be a true workhorse when it comes to slicing extra crusty breads. 2R is equipped with smart blade oiling system and the slicer structure is made of stainless steel.

Heavy duty slicer
for challenging breads

Blade length:
184 inches

Extra powerful
7.5kW motor

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Ipeka Automation

We are traditional Finnish manufacturers of high-end professional bakery equipment. Ipeka is known worldwide mainly for our industrial bread slicers and packaging machines. However, our core expertise also includes spiral conveyor systems, automated counting systems, collating and stacking systems.

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